For the Love of Orbs


What are orbs? They are spiritual beings of light; very pure, very beautiful vibrations of light: of Archangels, angels, Ascended Masters, teachers, fairies, unicorns, nature spirits and many other very loving, curious, playful, bright spiritual beings, who come from another star system full of love for us – they cannot exist around any form of anger, pain or conflict.
You could compare their energy to a beautiful prism hung up in a window, which catches the light and fills the room with rainbow colours. They speak in shimmering colours – like watching a rainbow or listening to chime bells or the wind in the trees; like whisperings – a very subtle energy. Why do they draw near to us in tangible form at this time? Because they are very interested in being part of the healing that is happening with humanity; to help heal the planet and to bring healing, support and love to you: if you call them in your prayers and meditations they will always come to help – like moths to a flame – drawn where they feel they are needed with their wonderful healing qualities. They learn from us as we do from them.

What a wonderful, tangible expression of love that you are never alone! Even though you can’t always see them, open your heart to them, as they are there ready and willing to love and support you – to give you the inspiration and courage to carry on when you feel there is nothing but darkness and confusion and you cannot see the way forward.

May you find this website brings you the message you need.

Bright Blessings